New Zealand Casinos And Their Payment Methods

Casino payment options Casino payment options

To most players joining the world of online casino gaming, funding your casino accounts can be overwhelming. But making a deposit at an online casino is like making payment on any other website. Each casino provides a variety of safe, secure, and convenient banking options to choose from. You’ll find safe and quick banking options available at New Zealand casinos if you follow our guide.

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are widely used in online payments today and are very popular payment options for online casinos in New Zealand. These cards are convenient because they are backed up by highly secure banking systems. The main concern for most online gamblers is that not every casino in New Zealand allows you to withdraw funds with the credit card. This means that players must seek out alternative banking options such as e-Wallets to withdraw funds.

For players who choose to use this payment method, you will generally be required to register the card. The registration process is easy. Type out your card number then add the expiry date and security number usually on the back of the card. The casino operator will encrypt these details so that your account is not compromised. Most New Zealand online casinos accept popular credit card brands like American Express and even Kiwi bank dedicated cards. Expect to find Mastercard and Visa as staples at most online casinos in New Zealand.


You will find Visa as a payment option is virtually every online casino in New Zealand. Visa’s reputation is unmatched, and many players still choose it despite the steady decline of traditional banking methods. With Visa, you can make instant deposits at most online casinos without any transaction fees. You can opt for a credit card version that offers you a degree of flexibility or the debit card that gives you tighter control over your bankroll. Deposits with Visa instantly reflect in your casino account, but withdrawals may take up to 3 days to process.


Mastercard is another efficient banking options for players who prefer to remain traditional. Mastercard offers both credit and debit cards so you can choose which is most convenient for you. Maestro is owned by MasterCard, so their offers are quite like each other. Maestro falls under the debit card category therefore funding your online casino account will be quick and easy. Maestro also offers prepaid cards with no direct fees.

Pros and Cons of Using Cards at Online Casinos

✅ Reliable security measures❌ There may be hidden transaction fees
✅ Accepted by most online casinos❌ Some casinos don’t allow withdrawals with cards
✅ Fast and convenient deposit method❌ Withdrawals may delay

Bank transfers

Bank transfers are ideal for players who prefer payment options with extreme security levels. Making payment at online casinos via bank transfers come with the added advantage of working with a familiar financial system. This permits you to safely top up your casino account with large amounts of money. High rolling players would find this ideal and convenient for their transactions. Although the processing time for deposits and withdrawals is usually lengthy, it is unlikely that players transferring significant bankroll would be discouraged. Another advantage of using bank transfer to fund your online casino account is you can keep your card details safe and out of the casino’s database.

e-Wallets and Prepaid Cards

Another popular way to fund your online casino account in New Zealand is to use e-wallet sites and prepaid cards. Also known as e-check, e-Wallets offer a convenient way to make payments online without compromising your safety and constantly making withdrawals from your bank account. They are secure fast and easy to use. Prepaid cards also offer a layer of security. Once the card is loaded, there you won’t need to constantly make withdrawals from your bank. E-Wallets and prepaid cards don’t require you to share your financial details when making a deposit. Although prepaid cards are only good for making deposits, you can quickly withdraw funds from your casino account to your e-wallet. Perhaps the most popular e-wallet in New Zealand is Skrill which is widely used amongst online casino players. Still, there are other e-Wallets that offer similar services.


You would hardly find an online casino in New Zealand that doesn’t have Skrill listed as a payment option. Skrill is popular thanks to its simple, convenient, and transparent services. Players who choose Skrill casinos should expect affordable charges and quick withdrawals. Payment options like Skrill are a great alternative for players who may have trouble making deposits with their cards or via bank transfer. Skrill assumes the role of an intermediary connecting the online casino accounts to bank accounts.


Like Skrill, Neteller is a leading e-wallet service provider popular amongst online casinos in New Zealand. Neteller is part of the Paysafe Group and has a built a reputation for being easy to use and fast. You can withdraw funds as easily as you deposit them either by transferring the balance to your bank account or using Neteller’s Net+ Card. Neteller casino deposits will instantly reflect in your casino account no matter the time of day. Some casinos also have special promotions or exclusive points for players who make deposits with Neteller while for others it’s the opposite. Make sure to check your casino’s offer before choosing this payment method.


Paysafecard is a prepaid card and arguably one of the safest deposit methods available at online casinos NZ. The card offers users safe and easy deposits. Casino players can be more confident about the safety of their funds thanks to a 16-PIN code that comes with each card. With Paysafecard, there will be no need to share your bank details with any casino. All you will need to do is top up your prepaid card and make a deposit at a casino.


EcoPayz is a banking option that is steadily growing in popularity amongst online casinos in New Zealand. With ecoPayz, you gain access to an ecoAccount through which you can send and receive money. ecoPayz lets players even fund their casino accounts in different currencies. This payment option uses the latest technology features with layers of security making it an ideal choice for Kiwi online gamblers.

Pros and Cons of Using e-Wallets and Prepaid Cards at Online Casinos

✅ Instant deposit and fast withdrawals❌ Some casinos don't accept e-Wallets and prepaid cards
✅ Enhanced security ❌ Most prepaid cards don’t support withdrawals
✅ Typically, no transfer fees❌ Lower maximum deposit limits for depositing
✅ No personal information required
✅ Most online casinos accept them

Apple Pay

Apple Pay offers users a highly secure method for processing financial transactions on online casinos thanks to their cutting-edge technology. This contactless payment method offers the standard features you’d expect from any online banking method plus a top of the league security system. Apple Pay users can make quick and easy payments using any iOS device. You would be required to verify the transaction with Face ID, Touch ID, or the passcode for your device. This extra security layer protects your account from theft plus there wouldn’t be a need to share your bank details with a casino.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay is simple, convenient, and fast. Your deposits will instantly reflect in your casino account once you verify the transaction. Apple Pay doesn’t charge any transaction fees when making payments online and the system’s security is airtight. There is no need to share your bank detail with any casino. You can also be confident about the safety of your money thanks to Apple Pay’s facial recognition software and Touch ID.

Drawbacks of Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay is only available to iOS users. There are also quite a few online casinos in New Zealand that do not accept Apple Pay. For most casinos, Apple Pay is only available as a deposit method and doesn’t support withdrawals. Players using Apple Pay for deposits would need to choose alternative withdrawal methods like e-Wallets. Sadly, some online casino sites do not offer welcome bonuses or other prizes and promotions to players making deposits with Apple Pay. Remember to check if the online casino you’ve chosen supports Apple Pay for all its features and bonuses before you commit.

Google Pay

Online casino players who are familiar with Google products can install the Google Pay application to their devices and beginning making seamless payments to their casino accounts. Google Pay is available to players who use android devices for their online gaming. Through this payment method, players make deposits directly into their casino accounts and have the deposit reflect instantly. Google Pay is highly secure with PIN authentication and biometric requirements. Your account is also highly encrypted with the option of remote locking in case of compromise. You will need to link your Google Pay account to a bank card in your name. Then transfer the funds from your card to Google Pay then to your casino account.

Benefits of Using Google Pay

First, Google Pay services are completely free. The only costs you may incur would be from the credit or debit card you have connected to your Google Pay account. The app is easy to install and use. Players using Google Pay are guaranteed fast deposits meaning you can start playing your favourite games in no time. More online casinos are adopting Google Pay as a payment option, so you won’t be short of casinos to play at. Using this banking option is safe since your data is stored on Google’s secure servers. You will also be required to use an OTP to complete transactions as added security.

Drawbacks of Using Google Pay

The main disadvantage of Google Pay is that it doesn’t support withdrawals. Players would require an alternative banking method to withdraw potential winnings. Remember that not all smartphones are the same. If you have an older model smartphone, you may need to check if it has NFC (Near Field Communication). Recent smartphone releases already have NFC. Without a proper functioning NFC, Google Pay will not be able to send transaction data to any payment terminal that includes online casinos.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Online casino players in New Zealand tend to lean towards newer payment methods, no doubt cryptocurrencies are in the running for top online casino payment methods in the country. Crypto or digital currency is a good option for players who want to remain anonymous. Although transactions with crypto are recorded on the blockchain, there is hardly any personal information connected to your name.

Bitcoin is perhaps the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world. It is tried and trusted by many players and casino operators who have included it to their sites. This payment method is anonymous and offers players fast deposit and withdrawal time, processing payments instantly. The second most popular cryptocurrency is Ether (Ethereum) which was created in 2016. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum process payment on online casino faster than other traditional banking options. Other cryptocurrencies you’ll find at online casinos in NZ include Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).

Benefits of Using Crypto

Online casino payments with Bitcoin are instant for both deposits and cash outs. The transactions are anonymous, not requiring personal data which makes it very secure. Cryptocurrencies typically don’t have fees. The fees, if there any, are relatively small compared to other payment options. Crypto like Bitcoin uses a very secure system that ensures that your accounts are not compromised.

Drawbacks of Using Crypto

One of the major drawbacks of using Crypto is how volatile its worth can be. The values of the coin can drastically change without warning so keep that in mind. There are still casinos that do not accept crypto as a payment option plus it may even be illegal in some regions. Additionally, some online casinos in NZ that advertise accepting crypto may be scams.

How to Choose The Best Online Casino Payment Methods

It is in your best interest to do proper research on the various casino deposit and withdrawal methods before committing. In this section, we’ll provide some factors to consider when choosing a payment method.


There are hardly any fees for banking options offering instant deposits, but fees are not uncommon for withdrawals. Ideally, you should look for payment methods that don’t charge any fee or whose fees are minimal. Stir clear of banking methods with exorbitant charges. The guiding principle is to look for anything below 3%. We recommend visiting the operator’s banking page and having a proper look at their payment options and policies.

Processing Times

Processing time for payments would differ depending on the payment method you choose. The best casino payment options will process deposits in under 2 hours. Instant deposits mean that you can start playing your favourite games immediately. Likes deposits, the processing time for withdrawals differs. Look for a method that processes withdrawals in 24 hours or less.

Minimum Deposit

One of the ways online casino operators attract new players is having a low minimum deposit. Most online casino will have a range of payment options with minimum deposits from NZ$10 or lower. We recommend choosing a payment method with a low minimum deposit. A low minimum deposit will let you try your hand at a game before transferring larger amounts. It can also help you stay within your gambling budget.


Different banking methods offer varying levels of security. If you want to remain anonymous while you play online, then opt for cryptocurrency or e-Wallets. Bank transfer and credit cards provide the security of established payment structures. Decide whether to go with traditional banking or more modern e-Wallets.

Final Thoughts

In New Zealand, the online casino NZ market has expanded to include a wide array of options to suit various budgets and preferences. For those looking to start small, there are $1 deposit casino, $5 deposit casino, and $10 deposit casino options available. These platforms offer numerous Payment methods, ranging from traditional banking to more modern digital solutions. For example, a Paysafecard casino allows for prepaid card transactions, while a PayPal casino provides the convenience of online e-wallets. If you are interested in cryptocurrency, you may want to explore a Bitcoin casino, providing a decentralized method for fund transfers or higher deposits such as a $20 deposit casino. For those interested in playing in the local currency, the NZ Dollar casino offers a comfortable choice. Moreover, many of these platforms attract new players by offering enticing Deposit free spins, further enhancing the online gaming experience in New Zealand.


Which casinos accept PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most popular e-Wallets in the world and there are several casinos that have it listed in the payments section. Check the list of payment options available at your favourite casino to make sure PayPal is amongst them.

Is Bitcoin accepted at New Zealand casinos?

Yes, online casinos in New Zealand accept Bitcoin as a banking option. Players can use this cryptocurrency to make deposits and cash out potential winnings. New Zealand online gamblers have access to a good number of casinos that let users play a variety of games after making deposits with Bitcoin.

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